Managing Vehicle Input History

If you have a vehicle that has inputs set up, you can track them on your map, alerts, and reports!

Inputs on Map

To show Vehicle Inputs on your current map, make sure you have your map preferences set up to show Input Status.

To check if your preferences are set to show inputs:

  1. Navigate to the new map.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, click the Map Preferences icon.
  3. Under the Map Markers section, make sure the Show Input status is checked.
  4. Anytime an input is currently engaged, you will see a star icon on the vehicle’s label.

  5. If you click the vehicle label, the vehicle card will appear and show you the vehicle’s inputs and which inputs are engaged.

Inputs on Trip History

Capturing inputs in trip history will help you understand what actually occurred during a vehicle’s trip, which can help with safety initiatives.

To see input details on your trip history:

  1. Navigate to your map and click History.
  2. Select a vehicle to add to your map and time scrubber.
  3. Click Map Options in the right corner of your map view.
  4. Check the Inputs box.
  5. You can expand your inputs and filter out inputs you don’t want to see.

  6. When you are looking at a historic trip for a vehicle, you will see an orange line on your map and in your scrubber to show an input was engaged.

Inputs on Reports and Alerts

You can add PTO and Input data to certain reports and alerts to provide more insight into vehicle activity.

Reports with input data:

  • Drive Time Summary Report
  • Switch Alerts Report

Alerts with input data:

  • Asset Inputs Alert
  • Idle Time Alert: option to exclude PTO time from idle time
  • Speeding Alert: option to only alert when input has a status
  • Switch Alert

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Which devices are compatible with Inputs? The following devices can be set up with inputs:
How many input connections can you have on one device/vehicle? The number of input switches varies based on the device type:
GO9s = 4 inputs
GPSI-5000s = 4 inputs
GPSI-4100s = 4 inputs
GPSI-4000s = 4 inputs
GPSI-3900s = 4 inputs
AT-3000s = 2 inputs