Using the Fuel Card Transactions Report

Show fuel card purchases for your fleet to help identify fuel card fraud. (Fuel card customers only.) Displays all fuel card transactions in the order they occurred with no grouping of Filter by vehicle/group, date, and attribute (multiple). Optionally include exceptions and nearby vehicles.

Report Details

A transaction is deemed as Verified if there was a GPS location data point that was within .5 miles of the gas station displayed in the report on the same day of the transaction. The gallons will also indicate how much fuel was pumped or if the transaction was used for something other than fuel (denoted as “Other”). Any capacity value of more than 100% may also indicate fuel slippage if the driver pumped more than the vehicle’s registered fuel capacity. Finally, the time value may also indicate a warning icon if the time of the pump reports something different than the fuel card reported.


Report Nuances

The following nuances might occur with this report and the steps to resolve them:

  • Transactions consistently not verified for a fuel pump location.
  • Pump versus transaction time are consistently different from one another.
  • Multiple fuel cards reporting under one vehicle.

Location Not Verified

The Location column on the report indicates the vehicle’s closest location point to the Fuel Site the day of the transaction. A location with .5 miles is considered within the acceptable range (indicated as “Verified). If a vehicle’s location falls outside of the acceptable range, its status will indicate the distance it was away from the Fuel Site. This notation may indicate fraud; however, it might also indicate that the Fuel Site’s address is slightly off.

To correct a Fuel Site address:

  1. Within the report, identify the fuel pump location that does not verify with a consistent “miles away” distance.
  2. Click the site name to open the Edit Fuel Card Sites page.

  1. Click the Satellite button on the map.
  2. Find the correct location of the site, and move the pin to that location on the map.

  1. Click Save.
  2. Re-run the report using the same parameters, and verify that the location in question now shows as “Verified.”

Pump Transaction Time

If there is consistently a two hour discrepancy warning for a given fuel pump location but the location is consistently verified, it could be an indication that that the information extracted from the pump is incorrect. Fuel times can also be mis-matched due to time zone changes or the time zone preference for a customer.

Multiple Transaction Cards Reporting to One Vehicle

If your account reports two fuel cards under one vehicle, it may be caused if the fuel card is updated with a new card number. (Please note that this situation is rare; we match fuel cards with the registered vehicles at the time of setup.)

To re-assign a fuel card:

  1. From the portal, hover over the Account menu, click Manage Vehicles, and click Update fuel card vehicles and sites.

The Manage Fuel Card Sites page opens in a new browser tab.

  1. In the Fuel Card Vehicles grid, select the Show Matched check box, and click Filter to help locate the fuel card vehicle in question (or search by vehicle name).
  2. Next to the fuel card vehicle, click Match to vehicle in your fleet (fuel card icon ).
  3. In the Match Fuel Card window, click the Vehicle drop-down, and choose the correct vehicle that corresponds to the selected Fuel Card Vehicle data.

The vehicle you choose MUST have a VIN that matches the VIN shown in the Fuel Card Vehicle data. If you are unsure which vehicle to choose based on the vehicle name, open the Manage Vehicles and Groups page (Account > Manage Vehicles > Open), and view all vehicles (including VIN).

  1. Click Match.