Recalibrating Odometer Waypoints

Odometer readings are automatically recorded for each vehicle with an installed device. Odometer data will be received via GPS odometer. Although there is often very little difference between reported and actual mileage, you may want to take quarterly readings and record them as odometer waypoints in the portal–especially if your company bills for mileage. Should there be any difference between reported and actual, the portal will re-factor the difference among all of the trips taken since the last entry and continue to recalibrate for future entries.

You can update odometer waypoints by entering values into the web portal one at a time, or your drivers can update odometer waypoints using SMS Messaging.

Enter a Waypoint

It has been about six months since a known odometer waypoint has been entered for Vehicle 31, and actual odometer in the vehicle is significantly different from what is shown in the portal.

To recalibrate an odometer waypoint:

  1. From the map, Search Results tab, or Vehicles tab, click the vehicle that you want to edit.
  2. From the Vehicle Card, click Edit.
  3. In the Odometer field, enter the latest reading from the vehicle:
  4. Click Save.

If the vehicle is turned off, the current odometer value may not update until the vehicle reports again.