Multispeak Version 4.0 Integration

This document outlines the necessary steps to complete a successful integration of Nuvo Solutions AVL data with your Multispeak 4.0 compatible Milsoft DisSPatch OMS product and NISC with Multispeak 4.1 using AVLChangedNotification. There are a few things you need to do as a customer in the beginning, and on an ongoing basis, to ensure a successful integration. Please review the Multispeak Version 4.0 Interoperability Assertion document for more information on the pre-requisites and steps necessary to set up your integration with Nuvo Solutions.

Please inform NISC that currently GPS Insight only supports the AVLChangedNotification method.

To set up the integration

  1. In the portal, create multiple vehicle groups and evenly distribute the vehicles that will be included in the integration among those groups.
    For example, if your fleet has 60 vehicles that will be part of the integration, create three vehicle groups (each containing 20 vehicles). If possible, try to evenly balance each group with comparable vehicle activity.

    Do not delete these vehicle groups. Vehicles should not exist in more than one (1) of these Multispeak groups. New vehicles must be added or they will not be seen in the integration. We recommend using a Vehicle Group naming convention like the following: [Fleet Name] Vehicles Feed [Group #]. [Fleet Name] should be replaced with the name of your fleet (e.g., ABCTrucking) and [Group #] should be replaced with applicable group number (e.g., 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.).

  2. Next, add the vehicle names and vehicle ids to your Milsoft or NISC software. (Due to limitations in the Multispeak protocol, we are unable to do this automatically.) The unique vehicle id for each vehicle will be the last eight digits of the vehicle VIN. The full vehicle VIN must exist in the portal, and the vehicle must be in your chosen vehicle group. For instance, if the vehicle is described as Repair Trucks #4 and the VIN is 1FTMF1EM2DKE45854, enter Repair Truck #4 and DKE45854 into the Milsoft or NISC system.

Please note that, on an ongoing basis, as you add new vehicles to your account in the portal, you must repeat this process to add the vehicles to your Milsoft or NISC software.

  1. Once this process is complete, provide the Nuvo Solutions integration team with the following:
    • Your chosen vehicle group.
    • Provide a customer, Milsoft or NISC contact email address to receive alerts in case of data disruption.
    • The SOAP API Endpoint information and credentials for your Milsoft or NISC software.
      Domain or IP:
      Path [default is /soap/GV_Server]:

Please contact Milsoft or NISC if you need assistance obtaining this information.

  1. If you are blocking traffic with a firewall, please allow traffic from these IPs: and

Once the integration is complete, our system sends vehicle location updates once per minute, from the date and time of successful completion going forward.