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TT-600 Frequently Asked Questions

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I received my devices and they are not transmitting. Devices may ship with a default configuration setting of reporting once every 24 hours. When a configuration setting is changed, the device will accept the configuration change upon the next timed interval report (i.e., if it is set to report every 24 hours and it is changed to every 12 hours, the device will accept the change at the next 24-hour timed report).

The “Voltage” column data field in the Activity Detail Report will display the battery voltage. Below 3.55v is very low/drained.

My device is showing a location on the map that is not accurate. For the most accurate location reporting, the GPS receiver on the TT-600 device needs to have a good view of the sky. As with any GPS device, GPS signals don’t penetrate certain materials well. Walls, vehicle roofs, tall buildings, mountains, and other obstructions can block line-of-sight to GPS satellites.

To determine whether a device has or does not have a valid GPS, please contact Support.
What is the end-of-life voltage level when devices stop working? Voltage level is affected by temperature; however, at room temperature, it works in this range: 3.65 to 3.55. If the temperature is low and below 0 the voltage range will show lower than at room temperature. This is how lithium batteries operate. Note that the batteries are 3.6v lithium-ion (AA) batteries. (Replacing them with store-bought 1.5v alkaline batteries will not work.)
What happens when a device can’t find a cell signal? How often does it retry? When it wakes to report, the device will try several times to find a network. If it fails to connect then it will save data (i.e., location, sensor data, etc.) in a buffer and go to sleep. It will then try again on the next scheduled report. This device can store 23 messages and any reports after this buffer are not able to be stored so it will lose that record and create a gap. This is referred to as ‘store-and-forward’.
The Batteries on the TT-600 have drained, I replaced the batteries and the device still is not working. When replacing TT-600 batteries, make sure to use only AA 3.6V 2,200 mAh lithium-metal single-use batteries. A full charge will be approximately 3.65V. The only approved battery brand is Fanso ER14505M 3.6v 2200mA. Store-bought 1.5v alkaline batteries will not work.

Contact your GPS Fleet Tracking Account Manager to purchase approved replacement battery packs.
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