Identifying Missing Odometer Conflicts with ELD Focus

Missing odometer information can be caused by a number of different reasons, including manually created driving events, known issues, and more. This article breaks down how to identify odometer conflicts in ELD Focus.

Shutting off the engine while in the middle of logging out is known to cause missing odometer conflicts. It is recommended that drivers shut the engine off either before or after fully logging out of their ELD assignment.

  1. 1. Manually Created Driving Events

    Drivers do not have the ability to enter odometer information when manually creating driving events. This causes a Missing Odometer conflict in ELD Focus. If a driver creates their own driving events often, this usually indicates the tablet is not working properly.

  2. 2. Install/Hardware Troubleshooting Required

    Troubleshooting may be required to resolve Missing Odometer conflicts. If the driver regularly experiences power failures, they are more than likely going to manually create driving events. As mentioned above, drivers do not have the ability to enter odometer information. In order to resolve this conflict, the driver must troubleshoot their tablet.

  3. 3. Undocked Tablet

    If at any point a driver’s tablet is undocked, the driver will be placed in an “On Duty Not Driving Event.” Since the tablet was undocked, the system has no way to record odometer information.

  4. 4. Engine OFF - Known Issue

    A driving event was recorded where the engine shut down around the same time the vehicle started moving, which caused the status to show as “Engine OFF.” The automatic driving event then switched to a manual driving event. Manual driving events do not have the ability to record odometer information.

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  5. 5. Standard - Known Issue

    The following standard statuses may cause ELD Focus to not record odometer information:

    • Power ON – Clock In
    • Engine Power Up
    • ELD Logout
    • ELD Login

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