Configuring a Driver

Follow the steps below to properly configure a driver in the Hours Of Service (HOS) portal.

  1. 1. Login

    For Standard customers:

    1. Log into the Nuvo Solutions map.
    2. Click on More, then Hours of Service from the options menu.

    For Pro and Enterprise customers:

    1. Log into the Nuvo Solutions portal.
      You will be directed to the Homepage.
    2. Click on the Classic Portal icon from the left navigation menu.
    3. From the Classic Portal, click More in the top menu.
    4. Click on Hours of Service from the HOS Integration menu.
    5. Select your company name from the HOS Organization dropdown menu, then click Open.

      A new tab will open in your browser.

  2. 2. HOS User Preferences

    1. The Hours of Service portal will open in a new tab in your browser.
    2. Select Settings then User Preferences to configure the reporting preferences. Recommended settings:
      • 100 rows per page
      • Time zone for the terminal you are based out of.
    3. Click on Admin, then Carriers, and ensure your preferences are updated.
    4. Click on Admin, then Home Terminals, and create and/or confirm additional terminals as needed.

  3. 3. Driver Setup

    Follow the steps to setup and configure drivers.

    1. Click on Setup, then Drivers.

    2. Enter the Driver ID in the Driver ID field.

      The Driver ID must match the driver’s Nuvo Solutions Portal RefID.

    3. Enter the driver’s name in the First Name, M.I., and Last Name fields.
      Ensure the driver’s name matches what is on their driver’s license.
    4. If there is one carrier, the Carrier field will auto-populate. If there are multiple carriers, select the appropriate carrier from the dropdown menu.
    5. Select the appropriate terminal from the Home Terminal dropdown menu.
    6. Primary Driver type:
      • If based in US then driver type is always going to be US
      • If based in Canada then driver type is always going to be Canada
      • If ELD exempt (like a mechanic or yard mover, etc.) then select ELD Exempt
    7. Select the appropriate driver type from the US Driver Type menu.
    8. If you operate out of Canada, select the appropriate driver type from the Canada Driver Type menu.
    9. If you want the driver to use the vehicle for personal use or yard moves, select the options below (this makes the button on the tablet appear so the driver can select it).
    10. Enter Driver’s License Number.
    11. Enter Driver’s License Issuing State/Province.
    12. Click Save in the upper right-hand corner of the page to save your driver.

  4. 4. Driver Password Reset

    Passwords can be reset at the bottom of the Edit Driver Detail page. The default password for the driver is the first four characters of last their name (all upper case) followed by the last four characters of their driver’s license.

    Drivers can also change their password from the user portal, under preferences.