ELD Focus Administrator Reference

This section is designed for the Office Administrators, Supervisors, and Compliance Personnel who are responsible for managing log information in order to comply with Hours of Service rules.

Refer to the Implementation Tips for more recommendations on assigning roles and contacting Support, such as:

  • Ask drivers to report any unexpected results to you ASAP. Take notes, and ask if the driver remembers anything specifically happening prior to the event.
  • Reach out to our Support team immediately upon drivers reporting these unexpected results. Don’t let problems occur over and over without doing anything.
  • Be prepared when you call. Support needs to know who the driver is, Vehicle ID, date and time and what problem is being reports (as much detail as you can). When we receive a call, we will review the drivers log data received against the normal functionality and present a solution to resolve the problem. If it’s a device related, many things can be solved remotely. If it’s driver error, the driver may require more training. If the problem is unique and needs more evaluation, we will escalate the problem and respond with the findings.