About the Map Page

The Map transforms your workspace to a single 2D map with quick access to management of vehicles, drivers and landmarks. The 2D Live map shows live updates of all vehicles. Live updating means that individual vehicle locations/statuses refresh as they occur. Other 2D map options show collective updates when the entire map refreshes (usually every 30 seconds).

Map Options

Map options allow you to enable Full Screen view, adjust zoom level, toggle display (Street Map or Satellite Imagery), display terrain, or show Street View.

The Map has the following options:

Number Option Description
1 Map Options Click Map Options to show and select multiple map styles, data source, and map overlays.
2 Map Preferences Click the preferences button adjust cluster levels, trail threshold, vehicle labels, map markers, and weather opacity
3 Full Screen Expand the map full screen. To exit full screen, press the Escape (Esc) button on your keyboard.
4 Map Controls Use the Map Controls to interact with the map the way you prefer.
5 Street View Drag the yellow pegman to a location on the map for street-level imagery. (Click the X in the upper-right corner to exit.)
6 Zoom In/Out Click + to zoom toward the center of the map. Click to zoom outward from the center of the map. You can also use the mouse wheel.
7 Legend Use the Legend tool to view the meaning of color-coded icon shapes present on the map.
8 Lists Filter the map to see drivers, vehicles, and landmarks in your fleet.
9 Unavailable List Vehicles with an “Unavailable due to unreliable data” status are not displayed on the map and appear in a list of unavailable vehicles. To see the list of vehicles with unreliable location data, simply hover your mouse over the Unavailable button (located next to the Map Panel). This list provides hyperlinks for each unavailable vehicle for you to click on and see the vehicle’s corresponding Vehicle Card.