How Many Videos Can I Upload?

I noticed that I was unable to upload a video due to a quota being reached. What does this mean?

Account Quota

Your account has a limited number of video upload requests that can be made within a given month, referred to as your Video Request Quota. The quota is directly related to the number of camera devices registered/assigned to your account: for 1 device there are 10 available requests per month. For example, if your account has 25 devices then your quota is 250 video requests per month.

Viewing Your Quota Balance

You can view the number of videos that you have uploaded vs. your allotted monthly video upload quota when creating new requests.

Once 80% of your monthly quota is used, the Dashboard will indicate the likelihood of exceeding the budget with color-coding. At this time it may be possible to retrieve emergency requests after your account quota for the current month has been exceeded, however, it is not guaranteed.

Any unused quota balance from the previous month will not be carried forward.

The following conditions contribute to the upload count:

  • Each minute of video uploaded via Event Access is counted as 1.
  • Alert Video that was not automatically uploaded but requested via the Dashboard is counted as 1.
  • Requests made through the GPS Portal are counted as 1.